Modern consumers have become eco-aware, so businesses are trying to bring the green co-efficient as their brand trademark. Switching to solar means positioning as an industry leader with a soft spot for renewable energy sources, so commercial solar PV installation in the UK has become extremely popular. However, solar PV installation has also become popular among residential establishments because it is easy on the pocket; as a form of renewable energy, solar power systems reduce individual dependence on the grid, and in case of power outages, solar power can be a lifesaver.

If you have already switched to solar, congratulations! However, if you haven’t, selecting the right solar PV panel installers is more crucial than ever imagined. Searching for solar PV installers? Here’s what makes our solar PV specialists from Ember Energy the leading option in the industry!

1. Experience and Track Record:

The first attribute that makes a solar PV installer stand out in the crowd of companies is their unscathed track record. A long-established installer like Ember Energy with a proven track record can deliver quality workmanship and reliable service. We have generated 10MW+ renewable technologies and installed 300+ solar PV across the UK, leading to about £2,000,000 in savings on power bills for our clientele.

2. Quality of Equipment and Components:

Nothing surpasses quality when it comes to solar panels. At Ember Energy, we use high-quality solar panels, inverters, and mounting to pioneer the solar revolution in the UK. We have skilled solar PV technicians and engineers at the forefront of renewable energy technology for efficient results. High-quality components ensure the reliability and longevity of your solar PV system, maximising its performance and efficiency.

3. Warranty and After-Sales Support:

Switching to solar means a considerable upfront investment; you don’t want to blow it on faulty equipment. Another attribute of Ember Energy that makes us a leading solar PV installer is our warranty and after-sales support. A comprehensive warranty provides you with peace of mind and ensures protection against any potential issues or defects. In addition, with our after-sales support, including maintenance services and technical backing, you can rest assured your solar PV system works seamlessly without any hiccups.

4. Cost and Value for Money:

While cost is vital, value for money is also crucial. Multiple installers offer different price points and services, and our prices are competitive for residential and commercial solar PVs.

5. Local Knowledge and Expertise:

Every place has its own regulations associated with solar PV installation. We are familiar with local regulations, building codes, and environmental factors that may affect your solar PV system’s installation process and performance. We can also provide personalised advice and recommendations tailored to your location and requirements.


At Ember Energy we don’t just install the solar PV systems and leave; we have a profound idea of what works best for your business and what doesn’t and we are there for you throughout to answer any questions or for all trouble shooting requirements. Our support staff are just a phone call or email away. Need more information or have any more queries about solar PV panel installation? Contact our solar PV specialists at Ember Energy now.