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We specialise in helping you to run your business on green energy with a commercial solar panel installation. Whether you manage a large warehouse or a small shop, a commercial solar PV panel installation can unlock a range of significant benefits to you. Businesses that operate during the 9-5 daylight hours and have a Solar Panel Installation can save up to 50% on their electricity bills while reducing a significant amount of their carbon footprint. If you are interested in switching to renewable energy speak to our commercial solar panel installers in the UK today and we can provide you with a free site survey.

The Need for Commercial Solar Installation

The lifetime cost per kWh of solar electricity is approximately 5.5p per kWh, which is more than half the price currently paid for electricity from the national grid. At Ember Energy, our team of experts designs, install and maintain your solar panels according to your company’s unique requirements to reduce your carbon footprint and provide you with lower cost energy.

Energy Independence

One of the biggest advantages of solar panel commercial installation is establishing energy independence and the security that it provides. With skyrocketing energy prices adding another level of uncertainty to operating a business, installing solar panels can help shield your business from fluctuating energy rates.

Considerable Financial Savings

Solar energy has become the fastest-growing energy source worldwide, and the UK is no exception. Solar panels are now a mass-produced product delivered at a competitive price range, and in fact, the price of energy generated by solar panels is estimated to cost less than a third of electricity bought from the grid. Commercial Solar panel installation can help businesses save money long term because it can provide free electricity for more than 25 years and achieve financial returns of up to 20% per annum with payback of the installation costs in around five years. Excess energy generated can be fed back into the grid, earning credits or payments through net metering programs.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Energy demands have substantially increased over time and sustainable business strategies are an ever increasing requirement in many sectors. Solar PV systems focus on renewable and carbon-neutral energy, using them in your business is a great way to reach your emission targets. For instance, a typical 250kW solar PV system can neutralise around 64 tonnes of CO2 emissions. To put it in perspective, this reduction is equivalent to the emissions produced by driving a petrol car for approximately 155,000 miles.


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Solar Panel Installation Edinburgh

Utilise Large Buildings

The larger the roof space that you have on site, the more power you can generate.

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Ground Mounted Solar Panels for Businesses

Ground mounted solar panels

Ground mount alternatives are available if roof mounting is not a viable solution for you. Ground mounted solar panels offer unique advantages for solar energy generation. They maximise efficiency by optimising panel orientation and tilt, ensuring optimal sun exposure.

Unlike roof installations, they avoid structural limitations and can be easily positioned for peak performance and ground mounts have simplified maintenance procedures, avoiding the need for roof access. They are ideal for large-scale installations and areas with limited roof space.

In addition, ground-mounted panels are versatile, accommodating various terrains. With their enhanced energy production potential and accessibility, ground mounts provide an effective solution for businesses and individuals seeking to harness solar power efficiently.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels for Businesses

Roof mounted solar panels

With the sun being overhead, roof-mounted solar panels are the obvious choice and are the most versatile solution for harnessing renewable energy. By using your existing structures, roof-mounted panels efficiently utilise available roof space, enabling energy generation without compromising your land area.

In addition, the roof-mounted systems are relatively low-maintenance. They require occasional cleaning and inspections to ensure optimal performance, and installation is quicker as well. You can integrate these panels seamlessly into the design of the building to preserve its aesthetic appeal and often the installations can’t be seen easily from the ground.

Roof-mounted solar panel installations are appropriate for a wide array of business types and industries who have large areas of roof space for potential solar usage.

Battery Storage Systems for Commercial Solar Installs

Battery storage systems

The integration of a battery storage system is perfect for commercial solar installations in several ways. During periods of excess sunlight, surplus energy generated by the solar panels is stored in the batteries, ensuring their availability for later use. This stored energy can be tapped into during night or cloudy days, sustaining uninterrupted power supply and minimising reliance on the grid.

A battery storage system for solar energy enhances grid independence by allowing businesses to draw from stored energy during peak hours, reducing strain on the utility grid and potentially lowering energy costs. In regions with time-of-use pricing, battery-stored energy can be deployed during high-cost periods, optimising cost savings. This synergy also strengthens business resilience during power outages. In critical sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing, a solar and battery configuration provides an autonomous energy source, ensuring operations continue even when the grid fails.

Why choose Ember Energy for Commercial Solar PV Installation?

At Ember Energy, we specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining bespoke commercial solar panel systems tailored to meet the unique energy needs of your business. Our engineers and PV experts will assess your premises, energy consumption patterns, and future goals to create solar solutions that guarantee optimal performance and maximum ROI. Our services encompass:

  • Solar Panel Installation: From vast rooftop arrays to ground-mounted systems, we skilfully install solar panels that seamlessly integrate into your building’s architecture while generating clean energy.
  • System Design: Our experts leverage cutting-edge technology to design custom solar solutions that align with your energy requirements and business objectives.
  • Financial Analysis: At Ember Energy, we don’t just help you reduce your environmental impact, we also assist in financial planning by providing comprehensive ROI analysis, showcasing the long-term benefits of solar integration.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: We offer regular maintenance and real-time monitoring services to ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency throughout its lifespan to give you peace of mind.

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