Switching to renewable energy sources has numerous benefits in different industries, and Preston is no exception. There are countless ways in which solar panels in Preston can solve the energy crisis using solar energy, and to highlight one among them, here’s an example of Avenham and Miller Park. Nestled in the heart of the city centre, Avenham and Miller Parks are quite urban yet feel far from their urban surroundings.

So, how can solar be integrated into the backbone of Avenham and Miller Parks’ energy infrastructure? Well, to help you get started, here’s a strategic approach to harness renewable energy while preserving the historic charm and functionality of Avenham and Miller Parks.

Park Facilities

Do you have any idea about the kind of energy that goes behind powering acres and acres of parks? Well, we might not have the exact figures, but let us tell you, it’s a considerable amount. Park authorities can now switch to solar panels that can be effortlessly integrated into different park facilities to power lighting systems, restroom amenities, and visitor centres. Park authorities can work with solar PV specialists to strategically place panels atop restroom buildings or nearby structures so that these essential facilities become self-sustaining, and this, in turn, reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

Interpretive Centers and Event Spaces

Interpretive centres within parks can use rooftop solar installations to power multimedia exhibits, lighting, and climate control systems. Besides, solar panels can also be discreetly integrated into canopy structures or on rooftops of event spaces within parks to provide renewable energy for sound systems, lighting, and other event necessities, promoting eco-friendly gatherings and reducing the parks’ overall carbon footprint during public events.

Historical Structures

Many historical buildings dating back to the Victorian era are within the park premises. These can be powered with rooftop solar panels, which are a nonintrusive way to generate renewable energy without compromising architectural integrity. This approach preserves the aesthetic and historical value of these structures while enhancing their functionality sustainably.

Community Engagement and Education

Integrating solar into Avenham and Miller Parks can be an excellent opportunity to educate the community about switching to a renewable energy initiative. With informative displays and interactive exhibits about solar power, the government can educate visitors on the benefits and mechanics of renewable energy. So, more and more homeowners and businesses are thinking about using solar energy for sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and decreased reliance on the public grid instead of burning through finite fossil fuel reserves.


When historic landmarks like Avenham and Miller Parks switch to renewable energy sources like solar panels, even the big names in the industry can choose options like commercial solar PV to preserve natural resources, diminish their dependence on fossil fuels, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with conventional energy generation.

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