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Solar Panel Installation In Edinburgh

According to national statistics, in July 2023, there were a total of 16,015 solar installations, generating 71 megawatts of power. Notably, domestic solar installations made up a significant 83% of this total. (Source: https://www.solarpowerportal.co.uk/)

Solar installations for homes and businesses have increased significantly this year. If you are prepared to start your solar energy journey in Edinburgh, the most important part of this journey is choosing the right partner for design and installation. Ember Energy are the best choice for you. You can rely on us for a reliable and profitable installation of solar panels in Edinburgh.

Our team of expert solar panel installers in Edinburgh provide you with tailored solutions that will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint but also save you money on energy costs.

Why Pick Us for  an Edinburgh Solar Panel Installation?

Experience and Knowledge

You can rely on our qualified professionals to produce exceptional results when you are ready to install a solar energy system in Edinburgh. Ember Energy is a leader in the design and installation of cutting-edge solar PV systems with high proficiency in service and maintenance.

Tailored Solutions

Our professionals will collaborate closely with you throughout the design and installation process of the solar energy system that is suitable for your property and energy consumption patterns, whether you have a south-facing roof or need a complex installation. Ember Energy is passionate about providing you with effective and sustainable energy solutions through the seamless integration of panels and solar technology.

Cutting Down on Carbon Footprint

By using our solar panel installation services, you help reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Solar panels use the sun’s free, clean, and renewable energy to power your home or business, reducing your long-term reliance on fossil fuels and your energy costs.

Reliability and Quality

All of Ember Energy’s installations make use of premium components and cutting-edge panel systems. Our dedication to quality guarantees the durability and stability of your solar PV panels, giving you peace of mind and a strong return on your investment.

What to Expect from Ember Energy

Thorough Consultation

We begin with a thorough consultation. We evaluate your property, talk about your energy objectives, and give you a thorough plan for your solar panel installation in Edinburgh during this phase. This first step enables us to answer any queries you may have and customise our services to the unique needs of your project.

Successful Installation

Ember Energy is proud of how smoothly we completes installations. We focus on finishing your solar panel installation with the least amount of interference to your schedule. Our team make sure that solar panels work perfectly to maximise their potential for energy production.

Instructions for Feed-in Tariffs

It can be challenging to navigate the complex world of feed-in tariffs and incentives. Our experts will walk you through the procedure and help you realise how these programmes can benefit you. Your initial investment in solar panels will be further offset if you generate surplus energy that you can sell back to the grid for a profit.

Consistent Assistance and Maintenance

Ember Energy offers ongoing support and upkeep services to guarantee that your solar panel system performs at its peak.

Bring Complete Energy Into Your Future To Make It Bright in Edinburgh

Solar panels can significantly increase your financial well-being while lowering your carbon footprint through energy savings and feed-in tariffs. We provide the best solar technology available to meet all your needs within your price range.

Make an appointment with us to have a consultation and learn how Ember Energy can install solar panels in Edinburgh to transform your business and daily life.


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Solar Panel Installation Edinburgh

Utilise Large Buildings

The larger the roof space that you have on site, the more power you can generate.

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Our Renewable Technology services currently operate across the UK and our engineers have many year’s worth of hands-on experience and are fully trained in installation, maintaining and servicing of various renewable energy technologies.


There are numerous benefits from Solar PV which benefit both you and the environment.


Harness the power of the sun for fuelling your enterprise operations with Ember Energy


Store your Solar generated power for usage when there is no sun.


Servicing & Maintaining your turbine is paramount to ensuring the maximum efficiency of your installation.


Ember Energy maintain a number of Industry Wide Accreditations to show the quality of our operations, workmanship and adherence to strict safety standards.


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