Also known as Granite City, Aberdeen is known for its magnificent architecture, which was created using pale granite quarried nearby. From Provost Skene’s House and the Music Hall to the Art Gallery and Memorial, the granite used in Aberdeen is unique because it contains mica that flecks and glitter in the sun. Besides, Aberdeen is one of the UK’s largest granite suppliers, and the city is also known as the “Energy Capital of Europe” because of its oil and gas industry.

Located in the North East of Scotland, Aberdeen is a vibrant, entrepreneurial city renowned for being a world-class energy hub. For many years, the region has been at the heart of the United Kingdom’s domestic gas and oil operations. However, recently, the need for renewable energy and a tangible transition to sustainable options like Aberdeen solar panels have created a shift to a net zero future.

Aberdeen is a global energy hub vital for the UK’s energy security and transition. Recently, the city has been making significant strides towards the use of solar energy. The adoption of solar panels in Aberdeen can be indicative of a more environmentally conscious future transitioning to cleaner energy. But the question is, how does the future begin?


As per a report by the Scottish Annual Business Statistics in 2021, the manufacturing sector in Scotland had a GVA of about £14.3 billion in 2021, which is higher than pre-pandemic levels. The figures have only skyrocketed since then, and the need for renewable energy to power machinery is substantial for economic perks and reducing reliance on the grid. Of course, the sustainable advantage is also there, but by using solar power, manufacturing companies can save significantly on processes such as assembly lines, machining operations and material handling systems.



80% of Scotland’s land is used for some form of agriculture or the other, and Aberdeen also has quite some farms that run on energy-intensive processes. Solar energy can be used to power irrigation systems, greenhouse operations, and farm machinery to reduce reliance on diesel generators and grid electricity. In addition, solar panels can be installed on agricultural land to provide dual-use opportunities by generating electricity while allowing for continued crop cultivation.



Can you believe that 0.92 billion vehicle miles were travelled on roads in Aberdeen City in 2022? In a city or a nation like the United Kingdom, where transportation needs are enormous, solar power can be an excellent way to revolutionise the sector, fuel electric vehicles (EVs) and support sustainable mobility solutions. Solar panels can be integrated into EV charging infrastructure, such as solar carports or charging stations, enabling vehicles to be powered by clean energy sourced directly from the sun.



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