The rising cost of electricity contracts: Is it time for solar?

The rising cost of electricity contracts: Is it time for solar?

Unless you’ve been entirely off-grid, it’s impossible to have missed the dramatic increase in our energy costs over the last twelve months. A scenario that has left many businesses confronted with the stark reality of soaring bills and much lighter wallets than they had in previous years.

At Ember Energy, we’ve seen cases where electricity contracts have risen from what was once a manageable expense at just 13p per kWh to a dizzying 36p per kWh. And as we approach the season of electricity contract renewals, this is understandably a bitter pill for many to swallow.

The question on many of our minds is, what now? Is there a way to shield ourselves from this energy cost surge? 

That’s where, we believe, solar panels come into the picture. 

And we’re not alone in our thought process – Elon Musk thinks the same – (more on that later!)

Firstly, why is Solar Energy the solution?

Solar power harnesses the abundant power of the sun to produce electricity.

It’s a renewable source, which means it isn’t running out any time soon. And as an added bonus, unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not contribute to climate change – making it the greener and more environmentally friendly choice.

Psst – If you’re looking for a more scientific explanation of how solar energy works, we explored this in our previous blog here. 

How is Solar Energy a cheaper alternative?

Crucially, solar energy is more cost-efficient than traditional forms of energy. It can offer long-term cost savings. The sun’s energy is free, so you’re essentially generating your own electricity. 

Not only does this help you reduce reliance on energy companies and their seemingly ever-rising fees, but it increases your independence and should be viewed as a long-term investment towards self-reliance and a greener, cheaper future.

As an added bonus, here at Ember Energy, alongside our regular installation services, we’re also able to install solar panels for free to commercial businesses across the UK – meaning there are no upfront costs involved. 

This works as part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) whereby you can get the solar panel system installed for free, on the condition that you purchase power generated from our system at a predetermined rate. This rate is almost always cheaper than the rate offered by local suppliers. In essence, it’s a way for you to move to solar energy with no upfront costs (and likely lower ongoing costs) while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Common misconceptions regarding Solar Energy 

We hear a lot of outdated misconceptions about solar panels and renewable energy sources. Let’s take a closer look…

  • “Too expensive” 

While it’s true that solar panels come with an initial cost, thinking of them as an expense is a common mistake. Instead, consider them a long-term investment. These systems can provide substantial electricity savings over their lifetimes, often paying for themselves within a few years. Also, keep in mind that we have various funding options to help reduce, or even eradicate, this upfront cost (as explored above!)

  • “They only work in sunny climates” 

Contrary to this belief, solar panels do not require constant, direct sunlight to function effectively. They can still generate electricity on cloudy or overcast days – meaning they’re still a reliable option for those living in the UK. 

Now that we’ve explored why solar energy may be the solution for businesses that have found themselves facing a difficult decision whilst renewing their electricity contracts, let’s take a look at other renewable energy advocates…

Elon Musk’s Solar Vision

Interestingly, one of the most vocal solar energy advocates is the renowned tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. As revealed in Tesla’s ‘Master Plan 3’, Musk suggests that a significant portion of our global energy infrastructure can and should be powered by solar energy. 

He aims to do this by:

  • Increasing the production of solar-powered energy products
  • Developing a global network of charging stations and energy storage solutions
  • Expanding the reach of solar-powered energy products

The ultimate goal of this plan? To lead the global effort to eliminate fossil fuels and convert the world to using sustainable energy sources. In essence, Musk plans to create a “sustainable energy civilisation’ which doesn’t require us to destroy natural habitats or resources – and instead leverages renewable energy sources optimally. 

Musk advocates for businesses to generate their own electricity by utilising highly efficient solar panel and battery storage systems, such as those we supply and install here at Ember Energy. He reiterates that this would not only save businesses money in the long run but also reduce their carbon emissions and help combat climate change. 

Ultimately, Musk strives for a future where the sun provides all of our energy requirements. 

Now you can call us biased, but we think he might be onto something. 

Don’t let rising energy costs drag your business down…

To conclude, sure, the surge in energy costs is daunting. However, it also provides an opportunity to explore new, more sustainable energy solutions. So if you’re approaching your electricity contract renewal and feeling a little lost, it may be worth considering solar energy.

Don’t let rising energy costs drag your business down when we have plenty of affordable and sustainable solutions for you. Call us now and take the first steps towards a financially friendly and greener future. 


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