Did you know that the National Grid warned last winter that up to three hours of rolling power disruptions could occur in British homes and businesses? (Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/05/business/europe-france-power-outages.html/)
As a result, they were able to take the necessary steps to minimise interruptions because it alerted the public and key authorities to the possibility of power outages. Solar power generation is unquestionably a viable alternative in such situations.

Have you ever wondered how to ensure a consistent supply of clean energy even when the sun is behind the clouds? The answer comes in the revolutionary combination of solar PV and battery storage, a dynamic solution that is revolutionising the energy landscape in the UK and beyond.

Here, we can look at how solar PV with battery storage in the UK assures a continuous energy supply even when the sun is not shining brightly.

Can Solar Panels Generate Electricity on Rainy Days?

Solar panels do not generate power just from direct sunlight. Sometimes, the impact may be diminished on days when there is heavy rain or cloud cover, but they are still powerful. Let’s look at the functions of solar panel systems to obtain a better understanding.

Solar panels, as we all know, work by capturing sunlight and converting it into power via the photovoltaic effect. When photons from the sun strike the solar cells, they generate an electric current. Even if the light is dimmed by clouds or rain, this process continues as long as there is some daylight.

While solar panels function best when the sky is clear and sunny, contemporary technology has made them more durable in less ideal conditions too. Excess energy produced on bright days may now be kept for use on cloudier days when the sun is less cooperative, thanks to the advancement of energy storage technologies such as solar PV battery storage systems in the UK. Some solar panels are engineered to provide the most energy in low-light circumstances.

The Importance of Battery Storage In The Solar Energy Revolution

Battery storage is critical for increasing the efficiency and reliability of solar panels, especially on cloudy days. Its primary function is to store any excess energy generated by solar panels while the sun is shining brightly. This stored energy can subsequently be used when sunlight is sparse or unavailable, such as when it is cloudy or pouring.

Solar panels and battery storage work in a rhythm to boost energy consumption while also improving grid stability. Thus, users can become less reliant on the traditional power system with the help of this device, which can be helpful during power outages or when electricity rates are at their highest.


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