Cumbria’s commercial landscape is known for encompassing different sectors, including agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and many more. Especially, when we are talking about manufacturing units, they used to rely immensely on non-sustainable forms of energy, which took a toll on the environment. However, those days are slowly being phased out because recently, there’s been a major upsurge in the use of solar energy in the UK. As the need for eco-friendly practices grows, Cumbria’s manufacturing sector is adopting the new way forward and working with solar panel installers in Cumbria to pivot towards a greener and more sustainable future. From reducing energy expenses to maximising operational efficiency with less reliance on the grid, here’s how solar energy can benefit manufacturing units.

The Vital Role of Sustainable Energy in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is a crucial component of the global supply chain, providing employment opportunities, fostering economic development, and supplying goods and services to various sectors. Despite its significance, power failures are inevitable, disrupting operations and leading to losses in productivity, revenue, and materials.

Electrical failures also pose risks of serious or life-threatening injuries to workers. Hence, relying on a sustainable energy source becomes imperative to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing operations and mitigate potential issues across all departments.

How Does the Commercial Solar Installation Process Work?

The installation process for solar panels in Cumbria involves several critical considerations and comprises various steps. These steps include:

  • Scaffolding Set-Up: The initial step is scaffolding to ensure safety throughout the solar panel installation process. This provides a secure working platform for the PV roof. Usually done two days before installation, this allows ample time to prioritise installer safety.
  • Installation of Solar Panel Mounts: A mounting system is established to support the solar panels’ base, arranged in a tilted structure with an 18 to 36-degree angle to optimize sunlight exposure. This setup secures the solar panel array and enhances production through proper angle and direction.
  • Solar Panel Installation: Following the mount setup, the solar panels are installed on the mounted structures. Nuts and bolts are securely tightened to ensure panel stability. The next phase involves electrical wiring using high-quality connectors.
  • Solar Inverter Connection: Upon completing the wiring, the solar inverter is connected. Here, optimal ventilation is preferred, and positioning the inverter away from the afternoon sun is recommended. Garage or utility rooms, staying cool throughout the year, provide the necessary ventilation.
  • Solar Panel and Battery Bonding: After connecting the solar inverter, the solar battery is linked. Solar batteries serve to alleviate concerns about a lack of usable energy during the night.
  • Inverter Connection to the Consumer Unit: Connecting the inverter to the consumer unit generates electricity. A generation meter is essential for monitoring solar panel electricity production, offering updates on performance through various devices.
  • Testing the Solar Panel: Switching on the power initiates a comprehensive test of the newly installed commercial solar panel system, marking the completion of the installation process.
  • Post-Installation Maintenance: While some might assume the work is complete after installation, ongoing maintenance is crucial. Professional teams conduct regular checks on your solar panels to ensure optimal performance.


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