Solar Panels Lancashire – Roccia Tiles, Bathrooms & Kitchens

  • A photograph of some Solar Panels Lancashire, Preston.
  • Installation Size: 125kW

Looking for solar panels in Lancashire? William from Ember Energy Lancashire shares how he’s saved one commercial client nearly £30,000 each year in energy costs!

In recent years, we’ve all felt the pinch of soaring electricity prices, which, despite recent stabilisation, remain more than double what they were just two years ago.

For many businesses across Lancashire, these inflated costs continue to pose a significant challenge, adding financial strain in already tough times. 

This reality, coupled with the declining costs of commercial solar panel installation, means that now could be an opportune time to consider solar energy, not just as an alternative but as a primary energy solution for your business. 

Solar Panels Lancashire – Case Study

Take, for instance, Roccia Tiles, Bathrooms & Kitchens based in Preston, who had started to notice rising energy costs. Like many others, the client was concerned about the long-term viability of these costs and was confident that a more secure solution must exist.

After William from our Ember Energy Lancashire branch conducted a free site survey for them, he proposed the installation of a 150 kW solar panel system. William detailed how the system would not only significantly cut down electricity bills but also reduce the company’s carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet. He explained the technicalities of the system, including its capacity to generate an estimated amount of electricity annually, which would cover a substantial portion of Roccia’s energy needs.

The installation process was swift and efficient, with the panels up and running within just four weeks. This swift turnaround minimised disruption to Roccia’s daily operations, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without significant downtime.

Solar Panels Lancashire – What were the results of our installation?

The impact of the solar panel system on Roccia Tiles, Bathrooms & Kitchens has been profound. Analysis revealed that the solar panel installation would slash their energy consumption by more than 115,000 kWh annually, translating into substantial savings of nearly £30,000 each year at a rate of 25p per kWh. 

Impressively, 83% of the electricity generated by the panels will be utilised on-site, leading to this significant reduction in their energy expenses.

However, not only has it led to a noticeable reduction in energy costs, but it has also positioned the local tiling company as a leader in environmental responsibility within the local business community.

Commercial Solar Panels Lancashire – Choose Ember Energy

Our successful collaboration between Roccia Tiles, Bathrooms & Kitchens and our Lancashire branch highlights the tangible benefits of solar energy. 

It showcases the potential for businesses (like yours!) to achieve incredible economic savings while also contributing to environmental sustainability, setting a benchmark for others to follow in the journey towards a greener future.

It’s important to note that as more businesses start to consider solar, grid space is becoming increasingly scarce. This underscores the urgency of securing grid connections sooner rather than later – and is something that you may want to think about if you haven’t already. 

At Ember Energy Lancashire –  we can look at grid applications free of charge for you. Please give us a call on 07464729759 to get started, or drop us a message here.