Reduce energy costs: A Lancashire success story

reduce energy costs with solar panels

This month, we caught up with one of our happy customers, who has recently saved over £5k a month in energy costs after working with William at our Ember Energy Lancashire branch. 

Today, the unfortunate reality is that we’re living in a sink-or-swim economy. And if your operations can’t keep up with rising costs and sustainability initiatives, the future looks bleak.

Businesses across the UK that are struggling to intertwine sustainability goals alongside profitability are therefore urged to reach out to our team here at Ember Energy – who can help provide practical, cost-efficient and winning solutions to help your business stay afloat amid the energy crisis. 

Luckily for Rishton Waste Paper , we were able to deliver state-of-the-art solar-powered solutions that helped them pave the way for a greener future whilst simultaneously cutting costs. 

Reduce energy costs by tackling them head-on:

“Energy costs were spiralling out of control,” said Billy at Rishton Waste Paper, “On average, we were paying over £7k a month just on electricity to fuel our operations.” 

“We knew something needed to change in order for our business to still be economically feasible – which is when a good friend of mine put me in contact with William at Ember Energy Lancashire.” 

“I knew William was our solution the minute we spoke to him. He immediately understood our concerns and was able to explain the logic behind each of his recommendations. He was down-to-earth, friendly and an all-around great guy.”

Our winning solutions included: 

William’s team at Ember Energy Lancashire began work at Rishton Waste Paper shortly after their initial discussions in February, and the installation was finalised in April – with everything complete by early July. 

Financial savings

For businesses like Rishton Waste Paper, making the switch to solar has helped to future-proof their operations against rising and unpredictable energy costs. With a decrease in monthly energy savings from an eyewatering  £7k to just £2k – the savings speak for themselves. 

Benefits beyond profits

However, it wasn’t just monetary savings that impressed Billy.

“The ease of communication with William and his team has been exceptional. Being able to send a quick message on WhatsApp and get an immediate response has made the whole process smooth and hassle-free.” 

Billy’s advice to other businesses

For those still on the fence about transitioning to sustainable energy solutions, Billy has a clear message:

“It’s more than worth it. Not only do we have a powerful battery system, but the savings we’ve witnessed are clear. If you’re looking to cut costs and play a part in creating a greener future, make the switch. We did, and it’s been truly transformational.”


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