Commercial Solar Panel Lancashire Install – 90KW MAD Engineering

  • Commercial Solar Panel Lancashire - MAD Engineering
  • Commercial Solar Panel Lancashire - MAD Engineering
  • Location: MAD Engineering, Burnley

  • Installation Size: 90kW

We installed a 90KW Commercial Solar Panel Lancashire system for MAD Engineering, helping to increase sustainability & run the business cost-effectively!

We carried out a free site survey for client, MAD Engineering based in Burnley, to determine the most suitable solar panel system for their energy consumption needs. During the survey, our expert William assessed the client’s roof space to determine the size and number of panels required, while also reviewing their energy usage and electricity costs.

Following the survey, the team was able to install a 90kw commercial solar panel system that filled the entire roof space. To ensure the system was compliant with local regulations, William submitted two separate applications to the Electricity North West board to determine the maximum export capabilities allowed. The applications came back with export capabilities of 60KW and 30KW, which allowed for the installation of the 90kw solar panel system.

Since the installation in January 2023, every kilowatt produced by the system has been used on-site, resulting in a significant reduction in the client’s electricity bills. Our client is delighted with the service carried out by William and as a result, they have recommended us to another local business.

Why Should I invest in Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial solar panel installation offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint. Firstly, solar panels can significantly lower energy bills by generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. This means businesses can reduce their dependence on the grid, and lock in energy savings for years to come. Additionally, solar panels can improve a business’s environmental credentials, helping to attract customers who are increasingly environmentally conscious.

Overall, commercial solar panel installation is a smart investment, that can deliver long-term benefits for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re in need of Commercial Solar Panels in Lancashire, get in touch with William – 07464729759