Solar PV Install at Stewart Brewery, Edinburgh.

  • Solar Panel Installers Edinburgh
  • Location: Edinburgh

  • Installation Size: 201kW

Ember Energy is thrilled to present a compelling case study that highlights our commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions for businesses. This case study showcases the successful completion of a substantial 201kW Solar PV Installation at the esteemed Stewart Brewery in the heart of Edinburgh. Through this innovative project, we have empowered a local business to harness solar power and drive both operational and environmental excellence.

The Challenge

Faced with the twin goals of reducing energy costs and embracing green practices, Stewart Brewery recognized the need to integrate renewable energy sources into its operations. The challenge was to implement a sizable solar solution that would align with the brewery’s sustainability vision and yield tangible benefits.

The Solution

Ember Energy’s team of experts conducted a comprehensive energy assessment and engineered a tailor-made 201kW Solar PV Installation. By strategically placing solar panels across available spaces, we harnessed Edinburgh’s sunlight to generate clean electricity, reducing the brewery’s reliance on traditional energy sources and effectively cutting operational costs.

Key Benefits

  1. Economic Advantage: The Solar PV Installation has led to significant reductions in Stewart Brewery’s energy expenses, contributing to enhanced financial stability and growth opportunities.
  2. Environmental Leadership: By generating renewable energy, the brewery has established itself as a champion of sustainability, actively contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious community.
  3. Energy Independence: The Solar PV system has fortified the brewery’s energy resilience, offering a degree of autonomy from the grid and enhancing operational flexibility.

Results and Conclusion

The successful implementation of the 201kW Solar PV Installation at Stewart Brewery in Edinburgh underscores the establishment’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility. Ember Energy’s unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled the brewery to embrace renewable energy, setting a shining example for sustainable business practices.

Ember Energy remains at the forefront of energy transformation. Contact us today to explore how we can design a bespoke energy solution for your business, propelling you towards an efficient, eco-friendly, and economically viable future.