Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Preston, Lancashire

  • Solar PV Installation in Preston
  • Location: Preston, Lancashire

  • Installation Size: 150kW

  • Energy Savings: £35,000 per year

  • Payback Period: Approx. 3 years

Ember Energy Lancashire recently completed a commercial Solar PV install for a bathroom showroom and tile display company in Preston, Lancashire. As a trusted name in Solar, we came highly recommended by one of our previous Solar customers as the right company to complete the job to the highest standards.

We began with a free site survey and grid connection application at the start of the year and now we have completed the installation of an impressive 150kw of solar at this site. There was no cost for connecting our 130 kw inverters to the grid thanks to the grid application and talking with grid engineers to achieve this. Once ordered, the Solar panels were installed and commissioned within 4 weeks, allowing the customer to benefit from their install as quick as possible whilst still being fitted to the highest standard.

Based on the current half hourly data from the customer’s smart meter it is expected that 83% of all the solar generated from their commercial Solar PV installation will be used on site saving an estimated £35,000 a year on their electricity bills making Solar an excellent, instant return investment.

At these rates the payback for the installation will be in 3 years and is another great example of a commercial customer taking charge of their electricity bills and carbon footprint by generating their own power and helping to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. The customer is now looking for Ember to survey another 2 sites to further help them reap the benefits of Solar PV.

If you would like more information on installing Commercial Solar Panels in Preston, Lancashire, speak to Ember Energy and we’ll guide you through the full process from enquiry to design right through to installation and servicing.